Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Inspiration - Tory Burch

Do you believe in signs? Earlier this month I went through quite an ordeal trying to order this yellow dress from Anthropologie. First the website said the dress was unavailable. When the dress became available for the second time, it could not be shipped to Canada, then they wouldn’t take my international order over the phone and finally, the dress was delayed at customs. All signs pointed to the fact that this dress wasn’t for me, yet I persevered. It finally arrived and I’m completely disappointed. The swiss-dot is sheer, the dress has pockets in very strange places, and I am disappointed with the fit in general. So back to Anthropologie it goes.

On the other hand, this dress is perfect. It has the perfect blend between 50's style and modern office wearability, the perfect sizing with no tailoring required, at the exact same price as the Anthro dress after taxes/shipping/exchange AND it was put aside just waiting for me to come and claim it as my own.

Also, one of my favorite names is Amelia.
Can it get any more perfect than that?

Amalia Dress in linen

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