Monday, March 23, 2009

Design Envy

A little more than a year ago I moved into my first real apartment. It was the first place that I lived in and decorated on my own. The first piece of furniture I bought was an absolutely gorgeous {old!} mint green french provincial sofa with a tufted back, dark wood legs and frame.

After bringing the couch home I debated for weeks whether or not to paint the wood. First I wanted to go white, for a bit of an updated country feel. Quickly after I changed my mind and decided it should be painted glossy mint green to match the velvet. Weeks turned into months and in the end indecision got the best of me and couldn't do it.

Recently the Dr and I moved to a fantastic new home where we have incorporated both of our eclectic styles {his: 1960's & wood | mine: country & mid-century modern} into one vision and I couldn't be more glad that I did not paint the couch. That said, whenever I come across a painted sofa like this one, I am a bit envious that someone had the guts to see the project through to completion. Apartment Therapy recently called this update a "new classic." What do you think, should we leave these design classics as is, or update them with paint?

photo source: Apartment Therapy

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