Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion Friday

I love the new series Lindsey has introduced on her blog. The basic idea is that each Friday you pick something you would splurge on if you could, post pictures, and explain why.

My first splurge is on this gorgeous crinkled taffeta dress by Burberry. For the record, these pictures do NOT do this dress justice. In real life the magenta is much richer looking and makes this dress appropriate for Fall/Winter, while the heather grey/silver and pink makes this dress work equally as well for Spring/Summer.

If I owned this dress, this is how I would pair it and accessorize it for each season -
  • Spring - Dress + cute flats + jean jacket + alice bow band
  • Summer - Dress + sandals + big sunnies + gold initial necklace / posie ring
  • Fall - Dress + black tights + black long sleeve tee
  • Winter - Dress + grey or black cardigan + black tights + tall boots
  • Holidays - Dress + strappy shoes + jewelled belt + chunky necklace + big gold earrings

{Monday, March 30th - So much for blog but don't spend rule. I bought the dress. I spent the better part of two weeks dreaming about this dress and I tried it on three different times. It went on sale this week and I decided with as many wardrobe options as I could come up with for this dress, it truly is the girls best friend. I couldn't wait to put it on after work and I can't seem to take it off ( I even skipped the gym just to play in my closet) - a true sign that this is a dress that I'll reach for time and time again. I'll try harder to blog splurge without spending next Friday!}

photos via Saks


  1. Maybe it's worth the splurge--look how you have thought how to wear it for every possible season! excellent!!
    PS Is it completely shameless of us to be commenting on each other's blogs?? ha.

  2. Oh my goodness---you bought it!? Go you! The way you talked about it, it really did sound like your life would be practically incomplete without it ;)

    It's stunning, and if it went on sale well then it was meant to be!