Monday, March 9, 2009

5 minutes to look your best

Spring is coming and with the change of seasons comes time to replace your makeup. I’ve tried many products at different price points but these five products, while a touch pricey, are my tried and true favorites. For the perfect 5 minute face I start with YSL Top Secrets Flash Radiance which evens out my skin tone and a few swipes of Bobbi Brown bronzer* across my cheeks and forehead. The great thing about Bobbi Brown bronzer in particular is the perfect “sun kissed” look it gives without the addition of sparkle. My eyes are one of my best features and to emphasize them I use Bobbi Brown Longwear gel eyeliner in a mauve-black and YSL #5 Faux Cils for big and bold eyelashes. I finish up with a quick swipe of #5 YSL Touche Brilliance lipgloss in a soft sparkly pink and out the door I go!

*Depending on the day, I may substitute bronzer for Nars “O” blush which gives the perfect rosy glow to tired skin.

The perfect 5 minute face to help to you brave the world looking your best. What do you use to look your best in just 5 minutes?

photos via: Sephora & Bobbi Brown

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