Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Decor-Great :: Outdoor Edition

With spring-like temperatures upon us I've been doing a lot of thinking about outdoor entertaining. Nothing says summer like a backyard full of pretty plants, patio chairs occupied by good friends, a pitcher of sangria, and delicious meat grilling on the bbq. We've got the bbq portion of the equation covered, but we're lacking in furniture and style {currently our backyard is a 10 x 10 square of interlocking stones, a small flower garden, and is bordered on three sides by a wooden fence.}

After several trips to our local box stores we've decided against a large and lifeless patio set. Instead I'm imagining an eclectic mix; a long rectangular table covered in a fantastic 50's style seafoam green wipe-clean cloth, glossy red wood benches {constructed lovingly by the Dr. himself}, fiberglass Eames chairs, lush green plants and a delicious herb garden.

I'd like to create a space for eating, and a small space for sitting. I love the relaxed atmosphere of eating together on benches instead of oversize patio chairs. For times when extra seating is required, we've decided to incorporate two vintage Eames fiberglass chairs from inside. In the sitting area, I'd like to use two patio chairs leftover from a previous patio set and a colourful garden stool such as the yellow lucky coin version {shown above} as a table. Galvanized tubs are perfect for raised herb gardens and will lend an industrial edge to the backyard, as well as complement the steel of the Weber grill. In the garden and in our metal urns I am picturing hostas, irises, sedum for texture and annuals {pansies, marigolds, and impatients} for colour.

As a finishing touch I'd like to hang solar lights and group a collection of brightly painted vintage frames on the fence to add that extra finishing touch.

{photos via: Lowes / ApartmentTherapy / DWR / Garden Life / Home Depot }

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