Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Design Classics vs. Design Trends

After posting about new design classics, I got to thinking about what I consider to be a design classic vs. a design trend. My first feature in this category starts in the bedroom with the bed frame.

Since spotting Betty's upholstered headboard on Mad Men, upholstered headboards have popped up everywhere from Pottery Barn to Urban Outfitters, and at every price point in between. While undeniably glamourous, the upholstered headboard {as currently marketed} is, in my opinion, a design trend based on the very classic design of the French Provincial & Renaissance style bed frame.

Bed frames such as those pictured are reproduced today by high-end retailers however many originals can still be found in opulent homes and hotels around the world. Paired with neutral linens or fun florals, this is a design classic that works as well in a modern home as it does in a traditional Chateau.

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  1. OMG. I love all these pictures. Now I want an upholstered headboard!