Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Treats - The Art of French Macaroons

One famous macaroon from Ladurée in Paris and I was hooked. My favorite flavour is pistachio, followed closely by salted butter caramel. It's been two years since my trip to Paris and I have a serious craving for an authentic french macaroon. I sourced one local bakery but they don't appear to have them on a regular basis. Another bakery will make them only as a special order in batches of 3 dozen. This only leaves me one alternative - I'm going to have to learn to make them myself!

Aran at Cannelle et Vanille posted this picture and her recipe here and Emily of Inside A Black Apple fame seems to have perfected the art of the macaroon (posted here) so maybe, just maybe, there is hope for me yet...

photo source - Cannelle et Vanille & Inside A Black Apple

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