Sunday, February 22, 2009

Comforts of Home

Sunday's are lazy days around here. We get up late, lounge around, watch sports on tv, and read magazines (usually back issues because I'm always a month behind).

Now that both Domino and Blueprint are kaput, I have to rely on my House & Home subsciption for home inspiration. With Suzanne Dimma recently appointed to the position of Editor, I'm starting to notice small changes - like the incorporation of colour, pattern, and modern design with more traditional elements.

Case in point - this spread is arguably still traditional, yet it has a modern vibe to it - vintage poster hung on traditional scolls, modern wall colour and dark wood accents. Also, the use of orange text is a nice touch.

I'm hoping that coming editions of H&H incorporate a more modern Domino-esque aestethic while still maintaining the traditional glamour and elegance we've come to expect and love.

photo source - House & Home

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