Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Spa-day!

What a day! Every second Friday, the Dr and I have the day off work to spend together - it's a perk I wouldn't give up or change for anything! Today the wonderful man took me out for breakfast at our local catering shop, and then drove us up through the hills for a much needed day at the spa.

We lounged. We were pampered. We were massaged with hot stones. We spent all day sweating out our toxins. We were fed ridiculously decadent foods (phyllo stuffed with brie, pineapple and salami, sausage & pesto pasta, grilled chicken & artichoke panini, green salad AND chocolate fondue). Needless to say, we can barely walk or talk, and are spending the night on the couch watching movies and cuddling.

As if I couldn't get any luckier, I'm really looking forward to this weekend's activities. Tomorrow morning we are getting up and making white chocolate & cranberry scones for breakfast, followed by an outing to our local French bakery for some Illy and to pick up one dozen specially made French macaroons (pistachio, chocolate, lemon, hazelnut & raspberry). After devouring each and every macaroon, we will be spending the rest of afternoon at the gym trying to feel better about ourselves. Sunday I'm hoping to spend the a better part of the day putzing around at home and then skating (weather permitting)!

Happy Weekend to you all!

Photo Source - Absolutely Beautiful Things"
Photo Credit - Cig Harvey

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