Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sartorial Inspiration - Statement Jackets

A statement jacket is at the top of my list of things I must own for Spring/Summer and a version for Fall/Winter. Both of these jackets must be a colour and cannot be a version of black or grey or brown - because I already have those and they aren't working for me.

In particular, I love the way the jacket in the picture cuts away from the body at the bottom - it reminds me of the Smythe one-button equestrian style jacket that is featured every fall, yet this version is slightly more office appropriate because it's done in a solid rather than a bold print.

This outfit is classy and I was immediately drawn to how simple it was to create, yet how completely polished and appropriate the girl in the photo looks - I would prefer a longer hemline, but she can rock the short look at her age. This would be an effortless go-to outfit for those days when I just can't find anything to wear to work, and I already have the majority of pieces in my closet to recreate such a look.

To top it off, the necklace and booties are brilliant and make the outfit very age appropriate.

This outfit has given me the inspiration to try to create a new outfit from my endless and tired winter wardrobe. Thanks Scott!

photo source - Sartorialist

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