Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Madness & Weekend Recap

I have a busy week coming up at the office but I will be posting between assignments and meetings so make sure to keep checking. We had a lovely weekend full of BBQ meats, wonderful friends and open houses. The Dr and I saw two houses that fit our criteria; the first was recently remodelled but had a substantial amount of water damage in the basement so we quickly crossed that one off our list. The other was the sweetest 50’s style bungalow in an established neighbourhood that needed a few updates but nothing a hammer and a few cans of paint couldn’t fix. It will be a few more months (read: 6-12) until we are ready to commit to signing our lives on the dotted line but it never hurts to scout out new neighbourhoods and see what is available.

Mother Nature is threatening to unleash more of the dreaded white stuff on our nation’s capital so we’re trying to make the best of a winter that just won’t quit. I’ve been meaning to post this picture {but never got around to it} so the threat of more snow makes today the perfect day to share.

I hope your Monday and your weather is turning out to be warm and sunny!

{via Beau Bergeron}

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