Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 Small Cool Contest

One of my favorite things about Apartment Therapy is the Small Cool Contest they run every year. While I no longer live in a home that is considered small by these standards, I still enjoy looking at the entries and trying to incorporate the very resourceful ideas that are featured. Last year AT broke entries down by geographical location but this year the entries are broken down by size {ranging from teeny-tiny to small and international} and include a thumbnail picture. This new breakdown is much more user-friendly and I can’t wait to see the finalists.

Click here to see the Small Cool 2008 entries and the winners by rank {1st place}{2nd place}{3rd place}{4th place}

Entries for the 2009 Small Cool Contest are being accepted until 4/13.
{via Apartment Therapy :: Small Division #02}

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