Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hump Day

A pretty picture to help brighten your day! Recently I’ve been seeing old card catalogues everywhere. I love how this one has been repurposed to hold books and plants, and the vignette on top with the antique birdcage and fan is just my style. It’s the perfect addition to that empty corner every home seems to have.

It’s been an absolutely dreadful day at the office. It doesn’t help that it is hump day and it’s terribly dark and wet outside. I’m planning to go home and make a nice warm dinner, hit the gym and cuddle up in bed beside the Dr and the dog just in time to watch LOST.

via: Poetic Home

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  1. Oof--wednesdays are a bummer, aren't they? sounds like you have a great evening plan though! i'm super excited for Lost--this is the first episode that i'll be watching 'live'...I started watching the DVD's four weeks ago and I'm finally caught up. The suspense is killing me!