Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wardrobe Assistance

Ok my lovelies, I need your help.  I'm going to a wedding on July 25th and I need shoes to go with my new Kate Spade dress.  I have these which I ♥ but I'm not sure the colours will correspond correctly.  My restrictions are as follows;

  1. fun but also something I can wear to work afterwards,
  2. a maximum of a 2.5" heel or wedge and,
  3. something that I can easily find in Canada.


  1. I love those shoes! Here are some others for you to think about....,B001U0OI3O,B001U0OI6G,B001U0OI98,B001U0OIC0,B00192IB36&asinTitle=Magrit%2016827%20Peep%20Toe%20Pump&contextTitle=Search%20Results&page=2&size=40&page=2&dept=241745011&node=241745011&nodes=241745011&keywords=magrit&sort=relevancerank

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Lindsey, I am going to check them out now and I'll let you know what I decide to go with when the time comes :)