Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dressing the Man

As Reachel so eloquently stated "One cannot fashion an empire without outfitting all its constituents, especially one's partner in power." After a recent shopping trip with the Dr, it didn't take me long to assess what works and what doesn't work when dressing your man for summer. Here are a few of my tips -

1. Khakis & Linen - done properly these can be your man's best friend. I prefer the wrinkle resistant variety [less work for me - better look for him]. To ensure a crisp appearance, make sure they break properly and fit snuggly in the hip/thigh/butt region. Avoid all regular or relaxed cuts and opt instead for a slim fit. Dockers makes a fantastic wrinkle resistant khaki and I can confirm that after sitting/standing/walking for an entire day, the pants were wrinkle free!

2. Shirts - Please avoid the short sleeve dress shirt and tie look. All dress shirts, even summer versions, should have proper sleeves (men, you can roll them if necessary). In this case, the Dr chose Gingham for it's versatility. While it is commonly considered casual, when paired properly it can work as well in an office environment as it does left open on the weekends. To avoid the down-home country feel, ensure the gingham print is tiny and the collar / cuffs of the shirt are properly pressed.

3. The polo - Stay away from darks or neutrals. Choose a bright colour that brings out the colour of your man's eyes, or defines his dark features (the Dr. opted for pink - yay!). Again the fitted polo is versatile and works well for the office, the golf course and on weekends. Steer clear of anything baggy or too long, and opt for something slim through the trunk and bicep region.

4. Socks - Leave the sweat socks at home and choose something funky like Paul Smith or Duchamp. The right socks can add that extra punch to any outfit!

5. The ribbon belt - To avoid the frat-boy appearance, ensure the belt has a touch of leather on the buckle, the loop, and the ends - preferably brown.

6. Shoes - Brown Leather Driving Loafer. Enough said.

7. Accessorize - Aviators and proper brown leather sandals are classics and will last your man through many a summer season to come.

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  1. For the record, the Dr. only wears one golf shirt at a time and in no way endorses the wearing of two golf shirts simultaneously. That look is for college kids who can't afford one golf shirt without holes in it, or for wannabe colege kids who are on the wrong side of 25 and want to attract young girls who either didn't get enough daddy love...or who got too much of it.