Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fashion Crime

Forgive me fashion gods, for I have sinned. I got really tired of paying my drycleaner a ridiculous amount of money every week to ruin my beautiful silk dresses. So last night, I... I... machine washed them {gasp!} myself -in a front loader on the delicate/handwash cycle. In other news... Looks like peanut butter DOES come out of silk. Booyah!

See people, I'm doing my part to save the earth by not having my delicates drycleaned in toxic chemicals and stored in horrible plastic bags. Good bye drycleaning, hello 50$ in my pocket.

p.s. - while I am confessing, I also washed my favorite blue coat and it turned out fine.
p.s.s - this is in no way an endorsement to forgo the drycleaner and wash your delicates.

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