Thursday, July 23, 2009

Significant Objects

I spotted this over at ApartmentTherapy this afternoon and couldn’t resist sharing.

For Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn’s latest project, Significant Objects, they find inexpensive collectibles at thrift stores and garage sales and match them with writers who write a fictional story about each object. The item and the story are then posted on eBay for anyone to bid on, sometimes fetching 10 times what was originally paid… The story about the spotted dogs above by Curtis Sittenfeld actually made our heart skip a beat”

The part of the story about Larry and Bernadette reminds me of myself and the Dr – minus 40 years, alfalfa sprout pantyhose and said hefty-ness. We are those people who hold hands when we walk down the street, kiss goodbye in the elevator every morning, and can’t wait to see each other at the end of the day. I like to believe that 40 years down the road, like Larry and Bernadette, we will still be as smitten as the day we met.


  1. The story on ebay was lovely. and, your story is even more lovely. it warms my heart to know that such feelings/moments are possible. i am not there and don't know if i will ever be there. but, it is really nice to read about people that are happy and care about each other. thank you.

  2. PS how great is the name: Bernadette?

  3. I was thinking the exact same thing!!! Old names like Queenie, Violet, Beatrice, Flossie are really starting to make a comeback. Me likey!